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Conditions of Use
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Motosdesguace residing in C / Artisans Alaquas No. 23 Poligono Industrial El Bovalar, whose business is retail items for the motorcycling equipment (hereinafter, "motosdesguace.com") is the domain owner www.motosdesguace. com.

The above website has been prepared to raise awareness and provide access to information contained in it, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by the General Conditions and to allow and facilitate access to other pages. The mere use of the shop, attached to anyone who uses it, the condition of user (hereinafter "User") who acknowledge and accept without reservation or exception, each and every one of the General Conditions in this document exposed.

The General Conditions are fully agreed between motosdesguace.com and their clients in relation to online transactions for the sale and service


You can order the following ways:

1. By phone 96 151 66 70 Monday to Friday during office hours from 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 20:00.
2. On-line through our website, www.motosdesguace.com.


Bank Transfer. Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Bank:Caixa Bank  IBAN ES24 2100 2309 1902 0031 1081

NOTE: It is very important for transfers or income, give the name of the sender or originator, and the concept of the operation, specifically mentioning the order number to which payment relates.


In motosdesguace prices, com VAT included, shipping costs are not included in the price and increase the cost of the product, they will appear automatically when you fill out your order form with a maximum weight of 5 kg and a volume of total of 1 meter, the cost of the following percentage of 11.20 is VAT not included the shipping company will MRW.
 KG/cm  0-100  1001-150  151-200  201-250  251-300
 0-5  11,20 €  22,40 €  33,60  €  44,80 €  56      €
 5-10  22,40 €  33,60 €   44,80 €  56      €  67,20  €
 10-15  33,60 €  44,80 €  56      €  67,20  €  78,40  €
 15-20  44,80 €  56     €  67,20  €  78,40  €  89,60  €
 20-25  56     €  67,20 €  78,40  €  89,60  €  100,80 €
 25-30  67,20 €  78,40 €  89,60  €  100,80 €  112     €
 30-35  78,40 €  89,60 €  100,80 €  112     €  123,20 €
 35-40  89,60 €  100,80 €  112     €  123,20 €  134,40 €


Note: Both prices, references and product specifications are subject to change without notice.
The reference price will be valid except for error or omission.

Motosdesguace.com not responsible for any damage due to improper installation or use of items purchased.
The delivery of the product purchased, is set within approximately 24 as stock for delivery of product from the moment in which he had set the date of delivery thereof or total income. If it is not possible to send in 15 days time, I sent an e-mail with date, and if the client considers the period of oversupply, we will pay the amount of material sent.

Supply, transport, risk

The transport is done at the risk of motosdeguace.com. The damaged goods transport should not be accepted until the carrier is recognized and written evidence of damage to the goods, if not get this recognition from the shipping company should not accept the goods, since motosdesguace.com otherwise can not bear the damage. Delivery times are approximate, unless expressly agreed in writing by a fixed deadline.

Motosdesguace.com not responsible for any consequences due to shipping delays or loss of package by persons outside the contract of carriage, for yourself or for reasons or causes unforeseen or insurmountable for a larger force.

Motosdesguace.com is empowered to unilaterally amend any and all of the obligations under these Terms without notice scrapping Bikes Store. Also is able to restructure, modify or delete any information, services or content on the Website, without notice.

Through the Portal will provide all registered users the ability to access the contents of dismantling bikes, services and other information concerning the purpose of this entity. These general conditions are fully agreed betweDerecho de desistimiento del usuario:



In accordance with previously motosdesguace.com reserves some of the services offered through the store Motosdesguace.com to registered users by filling out the registration form for users that will be available to users who so desire.

The User agrees to select, use and retain your user name or login and password or "password" (as hereinafter and collectively, the "Access Codes") in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.



Access Codes may only be used by users to whom they are assigned. motosdesguace.com is exonerated of any liability that may accrue for damages caused or suffered by the misuse or lack of diligence in the custody of the Access Keys, loss or use contrary to the provisions of these Conditions General.


The product guarantees are established by law and the possible consequences thereof. All electrical equipment that has no guarantees.


The information received by motosdesguace.com through its website will be treated with utmost confidentiality. motosdesguace.com at all times observe the existing rules on data protection, in particular, Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, and take the necessary measures in relation to such data , to prevent its alteration, loss, and unauthorized access and for their employees to observe these requirements, and the duty of confidentiality on the data object of protection and other obligations of confidentiality regulations. You agree not to use the personal data of users of the site for other purposes unconnected with the subject of hiring the services provided.

In accordance with the law of nature motosdesguace.com collects personal data of its customers and puts them in a file that holds and for which treatment is exclusively designed for the purpose of managing orders requested by the Company and respond to inquiries users may have. The entity responsible for the files is motosdesguace.com

The user must provide the data necessary to register as a customer of the Company and the arrangement of Sale (name and surname or name, DNI / NIF, address, email address, phone / fax). The registration of these data is required, the lack of complementation of the same by the user or providing incorrect information will render it impossible to properly manage motosdesguace.com efectuados.Todos requests personal data provided by customers fraudulently or false can be considered as a crime of falsifying business documents.

Motosdesguace.com request additional personal data for statistical purposes to enable it to determine the profile of the user. The user can ignore or fail to communicate any information or personal circumstances that is not absolutely necessary for a customer account or checkout.

The data may be used by motosdesguace.com to send the user information about advertising rates and information to the email address provided or personal, to which the client consents, however, the client may choose at any time to opt out of such information by sending an e-mail to info@motosdesguace.com in this regard.

Likewise, the client expressly consents to submit such data motosdesguace.com the carrier.

Motosdesguace.com Data collected may be processed and stored, for which the client gives express consent, all in accordance with the provisions of the law.


The rights relating to intellectual property (by way of example and not limited to: trademarks, logos, text, pictures, icons, images ,..., and graphic design, source code, software and other items contained in the page Web motosdesguace.com ") are owned by motosdesguace.com. They are therefore subject to rights of intellectual property and protected by Spanish and international law.

Without the prior written permission of motosdesguace.com reliably or, where appropriate, the rights holder is not permitted to copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, manipulate, and any use beyond normal use and necessary to visit the page and use the services offered.

Access to the services provided is not motosdesguace.com by resignation, transfer or sale of all or part of the rights derived from intellectual property, or assigning rights of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication these contents without the prior express written permission of the respective owners of such rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain personal backup copy of such content, provided that such right is exercised according to the principles of good faith and provided remains unchanged intellectual property of the owner of such rights, non-commercial use, solely for your personal information.

The liability for the use of material protected by intellectual property rights of third parties' industrial on this page illegally or who violate morality, honor and privacy, only the user shall, in any case exempt motosdesguace.com any liability arising from such conduct.


Jurisdiction and legislation: "These general conditions are subject to Spanish law, which applies in relation to its validity, interpretation, performance and compliance. In case of dispute will be the competent court of the consumer. "

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